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Intuit reworks developer portal with QuickBooks app store in mind

Intuit reworks developer portal with QuickBooks app store in mind

Developers are expected to have improved access to accounting software tools.

Accounting software company, Intuit, has reworked its developer portal for better synergy with QuickBooks Online.

Intuit Australia MD, Nicolette Maury, said the new experience is designed to enhance the developer eco-system

“Improvements have been made to how developers develop and test an app,” she said.

“It is now much quicker for them to market their app on QuickBooks’ global app store.”

Through the app store, developers will also have access to a global market of SMBs that are using QuickBooks Online.

“It’s not only good for Intuit as a business, but also for local developers who can now access an international market though the app platform,” Maury said.

Looking beyond the shores

Maury expects local Australia coders to benefit from the ease in receiving timely feedback on an app.

“Developers will appreciate the speed of being able to develop something for the apps store and have it up there really quickly,” she said.

“It allows them to get immediate feedback on how that app will work when integrated with QuickBooks Online.”

Maury said the changes to the portal means a developer cam turn an idea into an app and be able to test it within 15 minutes.

Access to the global stage is also expected to appeal to local developers.

“We have a thriving developer community in Australia, and often a lot of the global innovations come out of here,” Maury said.

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“Those developers will now have easy access to a very significant global market of SMBs.”

Patrick Budmar covers consumer and enterprise technology breaking news for IDG Communications. Follow Patrick on Twitter at @patrick_budmar.

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