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Microsoft APC - Session tracks and dynamic agenda

Microsoft APC - Session tracks and dynamic agenda

Showing partners how to connect to opportunity

There are some exciting session tracks at this year’s Microsoft APC. These will enable partners to get a first-hand look at some of the latest trends, tips and tricks to help them grow their business.

The sessions are broken up into four categories: Customer Trends, Customer Stories, Business Growth and Marketing.

Customer Trends

Understanding how customers are thinking now and getting an idea of where they want to be in the future is invaluable to partner business. These specially designed session tracks will give partners access to the breadth of Microsoft, and industry, research on the subject and provide critical resources to help understand customer needs now and going forward.

  • Demystifying the Internet of Things
  • Improving the speed of innovation
  • Enabling productivity in the modern workplace
  • Connecting with customers in a meaningful way
  • Data & intelligence everywhere…unlocking business insights from ANY data
  • Trust in the Microsoft Cloud - From the Inside Out
  • Extending Management to the Cloud with ITMaaS

Customer Stories

These real world examples of customer success with a wide variety of Microsoft products and services will give partners valuable proofs of concept to take to market. These are concrete examples of how Microsoft has helped businesses of all sizes achieve objectives in a number of vertices.

  • Building a platform for Innovation how Australia's leading businesses are doing it
  • Bring the Internet of Things to life
  • All in the Cloud? Almost..
  • The tech behind the modern workplace
  • Getting personal with your customers

Business Growth

To augment the real world examples from customer stories, partners have the unique privilege to witness inspirational presentations from prominent thought leaders that have made their names in the IT channel through offering Microsoft products and services. Partners will also get the chance to have engaging discussions on how to make changes that will provide invigoration and assist growth in their business.


No business can be truly successful without a solid marketing strategy. Microsoft understands that this is something many partners do not have the time or resources to devote to developing. In recognition of this Microsoft Australia Partner Conference 2015 is peppered with engaging and valuable sessions devoted to marketing practices.

Partners will learn about all aspects of marketing in the modern commercial landscape with sessions like:

  • Why building a Content Marketing Strategy is important
  • Know your buyer through data and rise of personalisation in B2B
  • Marketing in your sleep – Marketing automation and connecting technologies
  • The Art of Storytelling & Digital Transformation
  • Social Media in B2B Panel
  • How to Use Social Selling at Every Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

For a full list of the session tracks and to find out more about this exciting and transformative event click here

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