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Webroot outlines its plans for 2016

Webroot outlines its plans for 2016

Says the channel plays a huge role in it

Webroot outlines its plans for 2016

Webroot outlines its plans for 2016

Internet security business, Webroot, will be increasing its play in the Australian region, and the channel will play a huge part in this growth, according to Webroot enterprise sales senior vice-president, Neil Stratz.

Stratz was only appointed to the role two months ago and joins the company from Proofpoint. He was the company’s threat intelligence and response vice-president of sales for almost two years. He has also worked in businesses such as Caspida (acquired by Splunk), NetCitadel (acquired by Proofpoint), Juniper Networks, and Altor Networks (acquired by Juniper Networks).

Stratz said his experience working with emerging technology companies and go-to-market domestically and internationally has equipped him with business development strategies that he intends to use within Webroot.

“Webroot presents a great opportunity, having been in the security space for more than 17 years. The security channel is unique in that there are so many different technologies but it’s constantly changing,” he said.

“Over the past few years, it has swung away from people believing that endpoint technology was effective and it as the question of when a business will get hit. So now people expect to have an endpoint solution, especially with more traditional VARs going into managed services.”

In 2016, the company is going to continue its focus on working with its MSPs worldwide to leverage its endpoint technology as part of their services.

“We will continue to invest in that market where as the product evolves and more capabilities are added, the market is pulling us into a larger end user environment through channel partners. We might be moving up market more in 2016, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to target the Telstras or the Westpacs but it’s a stair step towards a larger customer base.”

According to Stratz, the company is on the lookout for more partners.

“But, we’re not adding partners just to meet a partner quota. We want to be able to invest in those relationships and make sure they’re meaningful. We’re making sure we focus on them being the right partners. They should be those with a focus on security and be a credible MSP,” he said.

Stratz mentioned that in terms of expanding on its local presence, the company will be ramping up on its support, technical, pre- and post-sales, threat intelligence, and partner education efforts.

“We’re very much committed to making sure that we’re successful and relevant in Australia. So the channel will see us do more work around engaging with partners that we are working with and being a thought leader in working around evolving threats,” he said.

As far as innovation goes, Stratz said the company is working on new products and making sure that its existing product line is effective.

“As a security company, we can’t just ship a box somewhere and expect to combat the bad guys. It’s not just about shipping hardware around. Security changes so quickly that you can’t rest on your laurels,” he added.

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