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World's eyes turn to Cisco's Australian InterCloud

World's eyes turn to Cisco's Australian InterCloud

Australia is the "petrie-dish" of the world: Cisco president, global development, Rob Lloyd

The world will be watching as Cisco uses Australia as the launching pad for its nascent Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Intercloud technologies with partners Telstra and Dimension Data.

Cisco president of global development and sales, Rob Lloyd, told ARN he expects to have more customers using the company's application-centric-infrastructure, SDN controllers in the next six months, than all of the SDN controllers deployed in the last six years.

“The Petrie dish of the world is probably going to be Australia,” he said.

“We will all be looking and we are excited about it.

“InterCloud is an enterprise response to the multiple uses of Cloud technology that we expect to unfold in the next decade."

The ACI policy controller begins shipping in the next 60 days.

Lloyd said Intercloud was a deployment of the company’s own SDN controller, which is an application profile technology that allows a workload to be deployed in a private Cloud and for that workload to be replicated in a hosted Cloud or a public Cloud.

“It’s based on OpenStack as the orchestration and automation platform,” he said.

“OpenStack and open source was built on having a community of individuals sharing the development expense across a wide consortium.

“This is the hard stuff and we are seeing tremendous opportunity in OpenStack and its impact on accelerating Cloud.”

Cloud providers around the world are jumping on board the Intercloud, according to Lloyd.

“I would be happy to go on the record and say, I would anticipate that we would have 8-10 global Intercloud participants, who have embraced open stack, Intercloud and ACI,” he said.

“We are seeing the construct of ACI, or the SDN controller as fundamental to the delivery of Cloud technology.

“Our intercloud solution will probably be more vibrant in Australia than anywhere else in the world.

“We have got everybody participating here, you have a very vibrant Amazon, you have a very impactful Azure and Microsoft Cloud.

Lloyd said private Cloud was at the heart of Cisco’s true vision for Intercloud as the industry faced burgeoning concerns over privacy, data sovereignty and security.

“You will see Telstra as the first targeted node in the deployment of an interCloud purpose built platform,” he said.

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Lloyd said the Telstra Cloud was on target to be delivered in September, while Dimension Data's Cloud was different.

“Dimension data has adopted the ACI controller and we are going to OEM around the world Intercloud services from Dimension Data for our midmarket and medim sized VARS to resell under a Cisco brand.”

Dimension Data, which has already built its Cloud, will migrate the entire Cloud to ACI using a Cisco Nexus 9000 switch. They will embrace open stack over time.

“We are also partnering with Dimension Data to take ‘Cloud in a box’ to service providers and target some of the ASEAN service providers.”

Cisco vice president A/NZ, Ken Boal, said security was the final area of focus.

“If we don’t get that right, we can forget the Internet of Everything, we can forget fast IT,” he said.

“It needs to be incorporated and I’m sure you all know we have been working on the role of the network to ensure a safe and trustworthy platform to move forward with.”

Lloyd said VARS and resellers would be instrumental to the proliferation of the Intercloud.

“We expect that much of business will be based on on-premise equipment, but augmenting that with Cloud services that make sense for commercial or public service or education customers, makes sense for us, and that’s where demand is occurring,” he said.

“We are going to maintain focus on delivering capabilities to our partners, they bring so much value and there’s no place that’s occurring more than Australia.

“So, Intercloud is going to be a developing construct, it feels right and it’s very much going to be a partner-centric offer and we’ll see how it goes.

“We’re going to try it and adjust as we go along and that’s the strategy.”

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