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Linux Foundation adds three members: Calxeda, Reaktor and Antelink

Linux Foundation adds three members: Calxeda, Reaktor and Antelink

The Linux Foundation announced today that three new companies -- data center specialist Calxeda, open-source network compliance provider Antelink, and consultants Reaktor -- have become members.

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According to the foundation, the firms "represent the diverse areas where Linux is playing a dominant role, illustrating the operating system's ability to adapt and continue to grow."

Arguably the best known of the Linux Foundation's new members is Calxeda, which focuses on the creation of highly efficient, ultra-compact ARM-based servers for data center use. The Austin, Texas-based company recently released EnergyCore chip technology that reduces system-on-a-chip power draw to as little as 5 watts per unit.

Vice President of Marketing Karl Freund stressed the importance of Linux to the growth of big data and the cloud in a statement.

"Linux is playing the pivotal role in this transformation and is uniquely positioned to help us strike the right balance of maximizing resources and reducing power in the data center," he said.

The other two additions to the foundation's lineup may also help promote Linux as a business platform. Antelink's offerings are focused on component detection and network management, with an eye toward helping businesses ensure regulatory compliance. Development expert Reaktor is a consultancy, which is active in research and implementation help for companies using agile development methods. Antelink operates from Paris, while Reaktor is headquartered in Helsinki.

The Linux Foundation's previous round of new arrivals was focused on embedded software, solid-state storage technology, and digital infrastructures. Five companies -- Omnibond, Adeneo Embedded, Feuerlabs, STEC and Synopsys -- joined the foundation in mid-June.

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