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American moms love Facebook, Nielsen survey shows

American moms love Facebook, Nielsen survey shows


If you're looking for a last-minute gift for Mother's Day, don't bother sending her a Facebook invite - chances are, she's probably already on it.

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According to data released by Nielsen today, fully 72.5% of U.S. mothers who logged onto the web with their home computers also logged into Facebook in March 2012. No other social media site even came close to being used by a majority of U.S. mothers, including Blogger (24.3% of all mothers who surfed the web in March 2012), Twitter (14.1%), Pinterest (12.7%), WordPress (10.8%) and Tumblr (8.3%).

Although just less than 13% of U.S. mothers used Pinterest in March 2012, Nielsen says that this represents a significantly larger share than other demographics as U.S. mothers are "61% more likely to visit Pinterest than the average American." Nielsen also found that women are more likely to visit Blogger and Wordpress than most Americans and noted that roughly one-third of all bloggers in the United States also happen to be mothers.

Unsurprisingly, Google+ didn't register on Nielsen's review of popular websites visited by American mothers. Figures released earlier this year from showed that two-thirds of Google+ users were men while a majority of Facebook users were women. Konrad Caban, the manager director for parent company Siteimpulse, speculated at the time that more men use Google+ because it is seen as more of an extension of other Google services such as Android and Gmail and is not as well-known for being a social hangout as Facebook.

Google says that 90 million users have joined Google+ since its inception last year. Although reported growth has been impressive, the platform still has a long way to go to catch Facebook, which has upward of 800 million users. Google has been trying to heavily promote Google+ as a social networking alternative and has sparked controversy for its integration of Google+ results into its standard search results.

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