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Borland details work on .Net tool

Borland details work on .Net tool

Borland Software in early 2003 plans to offer a development environment specifically tailored to the Microsoft .Net programming model, a Borland official said on Tuesday.

The interactive development environment, which is expected to face off against Microsoft's Visual Studio .Net environment, will support Borland's Delphi development offering and feature .Net programming wizards, a compiler and debugger specifically tuned to .Net, said Ted Shelton, Borland senior vice president of business development and chief strategy officer.

Programming languages that may be supported within the environment, which has been code-named Galileo, include C# and Visual Basic. Java will not be supported, according to Shelton.

Borland's offering will be able to compile to the CLI (Common Language Infrastructure), a piece of Microsoft's runtime environment enabling Web services to function.

Shelton played down the likelihood that Borland's Galileo will make the company a Microsoft competitor. "We actually think of ourselves as a partner," Shelton said.

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